Reading for pleasure

Skimming, scanning and close reading are not used when reading literature, magazines, comics, poems and so on. This kind of reading is called reading for pleasure, not for information. The great thing about reading for pleasure is that the purpose of reading is simply to enjoy the experience. Here is some advice for successful pleasure reading:

  • Choose books that are recommended to you by others. Look for the type of literature you like in Norwegian – crime, historical novels, biographies, science fiction, love stories, comics, or poetry. Choose literature and magazines that are about topics you are interested in or would like to find out more about.
  • When you come upon new words, use “words in context” as much as possible. If you look up every new word in the dictionary, it will spoil your reading enjoyment. If certain words occur often, make a list and start using them in your own speech. This is a great way to build your vocabulary.
  • Notice the experience. How does the story make you feel? Do you like the main character? Does the character remind you of anyone you know? How would you feel if this happened to you? Would you recommend this story to others? Who and why, or why not?



a) What types of reading materials do we use when reading for pleasure?

b) What would you say is the main difference between reading for information and reading for pleasure?

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