Working with newspapers and magazines

newspapers Exercise

Work in groups of three or four. Choose a news story that is covered in the web issues of at least five different newspapers today. Your task is to compare how the different newspapers cover the same story. You may consider things such as:

How much space is devoted to the story? How many journalists are working on the story? Does the paper seem to have a strong opinion on the subject of the story? Where in the paper can you find the story? (Is it on the front page?) Are there clear differences in the way papers from different countries cover the story? If this is the case, can you imagine why?

Sum up in class. You might also want to design a wall poster based on your newspapers’ coverage of your story.

Follow-up: Find out whether the magazines below write about the same or similar issues to the one you have been working with. If so, read the magazine articles and write down any new information you come across.