David Beckham


The many hairstyles of David Beckham The many hairstyles of David Beckham

He is covered in tattoos. He has a line of cosmetics named after him. He is married to a former pop star and they have a house known popularly as “Beckingham Palace” which is worth £7,500,000. He has been googled more than any other sportsman. He has also captained the England soccer team 59 times and is the only English player to score in three World Cups. Yes, he is David Beckham, of England, Manchester United, Real Madrid, Los Angeles Galaxy, Milan and PSG. In 2013 he decided to retire from football.


When he was a boy, his teacher asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up. “A footballer”, he answered. His teacher told him to be serious. Poor teacher! As a teenager, David was spotted by Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson, and he joined United in 1992. He was on the team when it won The Treble – the Premier League, the FA Cup and the Champions League – in the 1998-1999 season. But he and Ferguson did not get on well, and he transferred to Real Madrid in 2003.


Later he and Posh crossed the Atlantic, and he played for Los Angeles Galaxy for several seasons.. David has travelled a lot with his job, but we feel his heart is really in England: after all, he has played for the England team 109 times!



The information in these sentences is wrong. Correct them.

  1. The Beckhams live at Buckingham Palace.
  2. David has been the England team captain 109 times.
  3. He is the only England player who has scored in a World Cup game.
  4. He uses Google more than most people do.
  5. His teacher told him he should become a footballer.
  6. He played for Manchester United from 2003 to 2009.
  7. He and Alex Ferguson were great friends.
  8. He played for Manchester United 109 times.



Activities for the links below

  1. The first BBC article below compares David Beckham with another British football legend, George Best. Read it, and then answer the questions.

    a. Who wore the number 7?
    Beckham - Best - both 
    b. Who do you associate with women and nightlife?
    Beckham - Best - both
    c. Who is the winner of most trophies?
    Beckham - Best    
    d. Who is known for being temperamental?
    Beckham - Best - both
    e. Who is famous for controlling the ball best?
    Beckham - Best
    f. Who is on record as scoring most goals?
    Beckham - Best
    g. Who has a reputation for being very professional?
    Beckham - Best - both
    h. Whose lifestyle shortened his career?
    Beckham - Best - both 
  2. The article was written in 2001. What changes would you have to make if you were to update it today? Do some research on Beckham and Best to find out.
  3. Go to the second BBC article below. This one deals with a tragic event which took place in 1958. Work in pairs, read the article, and identify the most important facts in it. Then write a summary in about 100 words. Do not include details, but keep to essential information. Ask yourselves “What? When? Where? How? Why?”, and come up with brief answers. This will help you produce a good summary.