Barack Obama elected, 2008 (video/tasks)

There are some moments in history when we feel that the world will never quite be the same again: for example, the first moon landing, the fall of the Berlin Wall, the attack on the Twin Towers in New York. Many people had this feeling when Barack Obama walked on stage in Chicago in November 2008 as the winner of the Presidential Election. It was a historic election in many ways. Never before had so many Americans cast their vote. Never before had two sitting Senators run against each other. And not least, never before had an African American been elected to the White House.




  1. Which party did Obama run for in the election?
  2. Obama quotes a phrase from the American Constitution: Out of many, we are one. What do you think this means? Why does Obama quote it?
  3. “Yes, we can” became Obama’s catchphrase in the election. What does the phrase express, according to Obama?
  4. What does McCain ask his supporters to do in relation to the new President?
  5. Bad news on the economy may have helped Obama to win. How?