Grammar Toolbox: Wh-questions

Study the following question words:

  • what - “hva/kva” - What did you say?
  • who/whom - “hvem/kven” - Who did she meet?
  • which - “hvilken/kva for” - Which film do you like best?
  • whose - “hvem sin / kven sin” - Whose books did you borrow?
  • when - “når” - When do you have to be there?
  • why - “hvorfor/kvifor” - Why did she say that?
  • where - “hvor/kvar” - Where did you see him?
  • how - “hvordan/korleis” - How do we solve this?


Note: How is used in combinations such as how much, how often, how long, etc.:

  • How much did she pay?


What, who, which and whose can function as subject (doer of the verb). Then we cannot use do-support:

  • Who killed the bird?
  • What happened next?
  • Which team won the cup?
  • Whose parents complained the most?

But when they are not the subject, we must use do/did:

  • What did you tell her?